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כל הדרכים לתרום

Each donation is welcome!

• Bank transfer:

1) Kindly first coordinate with Miri Margaliot, Research Coordinator at or by phone at 03-6974243 (for international calls- 972-3-6974243).

2) Following this preliminary coordination, money can be transferred to Bank Hapoalim, Beit Asia Branch, Branch no. 567, account 70050; account name: "Research and Development Fund, Tel Aviv Medical Center"

• Send donation by mailing a check drawn to "Research Fund, Tel Aviv Medical Center". Kindly add a short accompanying statement that "This donation is intended for the LOTS research led by Prof. Stern. Send your letter to the Stern family, 17 Rimon Street, Nir zvi, 72905, Israel.

• Order a copy of the book (In Hebrew) "A Woman Named Shame" [אישה ושמה בושה]. Place your order by sending a request mail to The book is priced at 69 NIS ("shekels"). We will be happy to mail it to you. All revenues from the sale of this book are dedicated to LOTS research.



How is my donation used?

100 NIS- 2 hours of a bilogist's work in the lab
200 NIS- Injection system of a mouse with experimental LOTS disease
500 NIS- Injecting one dose of the drug under development to a LOTS mouse
1000 NIS- Cost of a single experiments with Tay Sachs cells in the lab
5000 NIS- The cost of two months follow up of a patient with LOTS
10000 NIS- The cost of producing 1mg of the therapeutic protein tested for LOTS treatment



How can I help?

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