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Seven years ago, our eldest son Oded, was diagnosed with an incurable, relentless and progressive disease, Late Onset Tay Sachs (LOTS), which leads to brain and muscle degeneration. From a vital, healthy youngster, Oded is turning into a rapidly aging and handicapped young man.
LOTS is a rare disease, this is why there is little commercial incentive to invest in its cure. However, Oded's father, Professor Naftali Stern, is convinced that cure is possible. For the past several years he is leading a pioneering research to beat the disease.
This research has already made important inroads and some of its achievements, such as a novel method to deliver large proteins to the brain, as a means of treatment, could be useful for much more common degenerative brain disease. However, this is also an ruthless and expensive race against time. We need your help. We need your donations.

Tay-Sachs Disease/TSD

Tay Sachs disease is an incurable genetic disease caused by a genetic defect common especially in Jews of the Ashkenazi extraction. The diseases results from the brain's inability to remove and digest a certain glycol-lipid (GM2), leading to its abnormal accumulation in brain cells.

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שעה:    7:00

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מחיר :   50 ש"ח

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